Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Encouraging our Husbands When They Are Down

My husband, like many out there today, is dealing with unemployment. He looks so sad and tired tonight. He goes to a coffee shop everyday with his laptop and works on finding a job, sending out resumes, emails, and calls people he knows who might have leads. He confided yesterday how bad he feels about putting his family in this position, which of course isn't his fault, but he feels responsible. I just want to hug him and reassure him of our love for him, our faith in him and in God who has all things in His hands. Men need to work. Their self-esteem is so acutely tied to their jobs, and when they can't work, they struggle with the self-worth. My job as his wife is to build him up and remind him that God has a plan, and that his worth is in his identity in Christ, not in what he does.

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  1. Keep up the encouragement!!!! God is stretching him (and you). Lean into him, draw closer. He WILL provide for you and your family. The Job God has chosen for him is not available yet. It will be soon. I look forward to reading "My husband has a JOB!!"